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61 Royal Society of Chemistry
62 Royal Society of Chemistry - £1.9 billion needed for schools laboratories upgrade
A Report for the Royal Society of Chemistry on the number and quality of new and re-furbished laboratories in schools.
63 Royal Society of Chemistry - Guidelines for excellence in school science accommodation
See the 'School Science Accommodation - guidelines for excellence' article in CLEAPSS Bulletin 133.
64 Royal Society of Chemistry - Improving school laboratories?
A Report for the Royal Society of Chemistry investigating new and refurbished laboratories. See the 'Improving laboratories?' article in CLEAPSS Bulletin 128.
65 Royal Society of Chemistry - REACH deadline will put many outside the law
REACH guidance.
66 Royal Society of Chemistry - Science Policy - Education Policy & Responses
RSC Reports, including the report Laboratories, Resources and Budgets (which CLEAPSS was commissioned to write), the accompanying Resources List and two companion reports - Chemistry Teachers, 'A Report on the Supply & Qualifications of Science Teachers' and The Right Chemistry: The choice of chemistry courses & careers.
67 Royal Society of Chemistry - Surely that's banned?
See the 'Surely that's banned?' article in CLEAPSS Bulletin 125.
68 Royal Society of Chemistry - Transporting chemicals for lecture demonstrations & similar purposes
See the 'Transporting chemicals' article in CLEAPSS Bulletin 132.
69 Salters' Institute
See the 'Salters' awards for science technicians' article in CLEAPSS Bulletin 122.
70 Salters-Nuffield Advanced Biology (SNAB)
See the 'Salters-Nuffied Advanced Biology' article in CLEAPSS Bulletin 122.
71 Science and Plants for Schools (SAPS)
72 Science Enhancement Programme (SEP)
73 Science Learning Centres
Science Learning Centre Network home page.
74 Science Learning Centres - Courses & Events
Search for courses available at the Science Learning Centres.
Sponsored by Planet Science and now managed by the ASE, a website from which teachers and technicians can download articles, information, etc. and get free materials from the Kitpot section.
76 Scienceshirts
77 Scitech-L
Email based discussion list for science technicians in schools and colleges.
78 Scitech Forums
The Scitech bulletin board service.
79 Society for Popular Astronomy (SPA)
Telescopes for schools.
80 Scottish Schools Equipment Research Centre (SSERC)
SSERC performs a similar role to CLEAPSS in Scotland.
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