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21 Firework safety
See the 'Remember, remember...' article in CLEAPSS Bulletin 133.
22 FPA (Fire Protection Association)
See the 'Training in fire fighting' article in CLEAPSS Bulletin 124.
23 fungi4schools
The British Mycological Society's new web site dedicated to fungi that provides resources that can be used by teachers within the current National Curriculum.
24 Getting Practical - Improving Practical Work in Science
Getting Practical is a CPD programme led by the ASE, supported by CLEAPSS and the majority of national organisations with an interest in practical science. The website provides details of the CPD and resources to improve the effectiveness of your practical work.
25 Get your hands dirty
Resource from the Growing Schools website.
26 Growing Schools
27 Gunpowder Plot Society
See the 'Remember, remember...' article in CLEAPSS Bulletin 133.
28 Health and safety of pupils on educational visits
This 72-page booklet offers national guidance where guidance may otherwise be unavailable.
29 Health and Safety: Responsibilities and Powers
This DfE document seeks to clarify responsibilities under existing health and safety legislation. It explains who is responsible for the health and safety of school staff, pupils and others on school premises or when engaged on educational activities elsewhere including visits. It sets out related powers under education legislation and the key elements that a health and safety policy should include.
30 HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) - Application Form
You need a license to purchase IDA. If you already have one, even if it was made out for ‘Industrial methylated spirits (IMS, the previous name for this product), you do not need to reapply unless:
• Your school details (name or address) have changed, or
• You need to use larger quantities than your current license allows.

From this link, choose Section 19 - Application for authorisation to receive and use IDA or TSDA. Paste the application to headed school notepaper, complete it and send to the address provided. There is no charge for this service.

For more information, see the 'Goodbye IMS, Hello IDA!' article in CLEAPSS Bulletin 125 and the 'IDA again' article in CLEAPSS Bulletin 126.
31 House of Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology - report
See the 'Technicians: a misused asset?' article in CLEAPSS Bulletin 115.
32 HSE - Electrical / Electronics
Maintaining portable electrical equipment in offices and other low-risk environments. A PDF document.
33 HSE - Fireworks guidance
See the 'Remember, rememeber...' article in CLEAPSS Bulletin 133.
34 HSE - Free Leaflets
35 HSE - Interactive whiteboards
36 HSE - LEV guidance
37 HSE - LEV resources
38 HSE - Risk Education Home Page
See the 'Check it out' article in CLEAPSS Bulletin 117.
39 ICT in Support of Science Education booklet
(as published by the University of York Science Education Group with the support of the Salters' Institute)
See the 'ICT in science... more than just datalogging' article in CLEAPSS Bulletin 116 and the 'ICT in the science department' article in CLEAPSS Bulletin 127.
40 Institute of Science Technology
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