CLEAPSS Supporting practical science and technology
Secondary D&T Electronic Documents

Includes the CLEAPSS font, Hazard symbols, labels, scientific drawings, etc

E230s Circ-kit - Teaching About Electrical Circuits

Drawings and symbols for electrical equipment to help with teaching circuits.

E232 Common Safety Signs & Hazard Symbols

A set of signs and symbols which may be useful.


A font which you can copy onto your computer that will allow you to type hazards symbols and safety signs from your keyboard. Useful for preparing worksheets and other documents for pupils.

E262 Storage of chemicals used in Design & Technology

Storage of chemicals used in Design & Technology.

E263 LEV Videos

Videos produced by the HSE to illustrate a number of points about LEV.

E171 - Using Model Risk Assessments in D&T (Spreadsheet)

This is a planning and risk assessment recording spreadsheet which accompanies Guide GL171.