CLEAPSS Supporting practical science and technology

Booklets giving more detailed advice covering a range of topics

L224 Model Health & Safety Policy in Science for Primary Schools (12/06)

A model health and safety policy in science.

L227 Stick Insects (12/02)

Everything you need to know about keeping stick insects in your classroom.

L241 Teaching Health and Safety in Primary Schools (12/04)

Resources you can use to teach pupils about health and safety.

L245 Ourselves (09/05)

Equipment and activities for teaching about Ourselves to pupils.

L246 Primary poster (02/07)

A poster you can use to publicise CLEAPSS support to your school.

L247 Make it & Use it! (01/08)

Make it & Use it! Constructing equipment for primary science.

L255 A guide for Primary Science Coordinators (12/06)

This guide will be useful to both new and experienced science coordinators. Includes sections on the role of the coordinator, the science policy, science resources and much more.

L257 Science with minibeasts: Earthworms (01/08)

Primary science with worms!

L226 Carnivorous Plants

Cultivating and studying carnivorous plants.