CLEAPSS Supporting practical science and technology

Booklets giving more detailed advice covering a range of topics

L181 Cold Water Aquaria (09/90)

How to setup and maintain a cold water aquarium in your classroom.

G190 Studying Microorganisms in Primary Schools (02/12)

Studying microorganisms is an important part of every pupil's education. This guide gives teachers everything they need to know about how to do it safely and well.

L197 Giant African Land Snails (07/06)

Pupils are fascinated by these unusually large creatures. Guidance on how to look after them in your classroom.

L198 Earth in Space: Key Stage 2 (07/99)

Simple equipment that you can use to teach about the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the planets to key stage 2 pupils.

L201 Giant Millipedes (12/92)

Everything you need to know about keeping giantmillipedes in your classroom.

G204 Science for Primary-aged Pupils with Motor Impairment (10/12)

Information and advice on equipment and activities for teaching science to pupils with motor impairment.

G206 Tadpoles (03/09)

Everything you need to know about collecting frog spawn, hatching tadpoles and keeping them until they have become adult frogs.

L213 Science with Minibeasts: Snails (09/95)

Snails are easy to find and easy to keep in classrooms - ideal animals for pupils to study. How to keep snails and activities for pupils.

L216p Safety in Science: Ofsted inspectors in primary schools (09/96)

Written for those inspecting science in the Ofsted inspection of primary schools. Schools that are about to be inspected may also find this guide of interest.