CLEAPSS Supporting practical science and technology

Booklets giving more detailed advice covering a range of topics

L110 Materials and Components for Technology (03/97)

Illustrates the range of components and materials that are available for pupils to use design and technology work.

L111 Tools & Techniques in Primary D&T (09/07)

Illustrated instructions on the safe and effective use of tools in primary design and technology.

L112 Batteries & LV Units - Which to Buy? (07/01)

The different sorts of batteries and low-voltage units that you can buy.


L120p Earth Science: Key Stages 1 & 2 (12/92)

Information on Earth science topics and how they might be taught.

L122p Simple Electric Circuits with Bulbs and Batteries (09/06)

Information for teachers about simple circuit work - what you need and how to teach it.

L123 Teaching Weather at Key Stages 1 & 2 (04/94)

Information on tools and techniques to measure aspects of the weather such as rainfall and wind speed.

L124 Aquaria in Primary Schools: Electrical Safety (01/99)

Electrical safety for different sorts of aquaria.

L127 Starting photography (04/96)

Activities with photographic film including making your own light-sensitive paper.

L157p Measuring Temperature (07/01)

Useful information about using thermometers and measuring temperature.