CLEAPSS Supporting practical science and technology

Bulletin 155 - Spring 2016 - 21/12/15

Bumper 12 page edition; directors update, CLEAPSS 12 technician training programme, Salters Technician Awards 2016, Demo day, use of sharps, dodgy websites, Unilab power supplies, who to call in an emergency, viewing burning magnesium, RSC article about the future of practical work, pressure vessels update, CLEAPSS support for the new A Levels, CLEAPSS Microcomputer competition, Food & Nutrition GCSE, Suppliers as members of CLEAPSS, D&T e-newsletter details, Greenpower racing (CLEAPSS goes racing!), Lathe entanglement incident - lessons learnt, New D&T course, rouge bunesens, choosing the right glassware, a cheaper water bath option, technicians tips.

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